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Time can't come back, it fades away as seasons change, choices won't be abjured, a grave mistake recurred with disregard shackled to dread, no hope remains A sweet echo comes in mind, it’s a moment of lost bliss, twirling in the sky it crosses the edge of immensity, hangs up for a while, then it vanishes wrapped by gloom. I couldn't ever be so close, and so far away at the same time. Time can't come back, I'll fade away, wrong choices can't be fixed. Shackled to dread, leaves' dance is just an illusory lift, sooner or later they are bound to descend, they are doomed to oblivion.
Sine Requie 07:36
Sulla sabbia crèmisi a centinaia cadono, un profondo abisso, inghiottiti dalle tenebre. Il fato avverso porta a scegliere strade già segnate da questa rovina non c'è via d'uscita. sembra la fine, ma si alzano, mi osservano, avanzano.. mi vogliono. Why do I feel my eyes filled with black blood and cries, but I'm alive. It would be better to be dust. Il tempo scorre ma ormai appare come fosse bloccato. Nonostante rari segni di speranza sembra tutto andare verso una ovvia conclusione. Affamate marionette barcollano, nessun riposo sarà loro concesso, necessiteranno in perpetuo di saziare il proprio vizio. Their void. Nulla clementia, nullae indutiae, solum caeca saevitia.
The Wave 06:23
I know, she must still be there, over this town beyond this spread of stones. Stacked up to excess they protect me, their smell their nonchalance. Feeling home into this land of striving at least it's what I got. The air is increasingly heavy, dust and mud around us, everyday. How can we stand it, how can we believe everything could end here. Over this town, I know there’s Gaia, vast and pristine. Can we have consumed everything? So I run to the edge, towards the place where this pollution will be a distant memory. As a distant memory. But here, from the top of the world I can see, our land is wasted. It's a concrete WAVE!! All that we've been, what we did. Now our earth is BROKEN!! Not a tree, not a leaf, no. We consumed everything, our land is messed up. We discussed to preserve it, how long all we had just for free... We now have nothing left, around We will die by... We will kill us… kill us all.
Finally here into the station, the effort was strong to get up here. Outer space, the prize that I claimed as an engineer soldier at the top my race. Damn, sirens suddenly, targeted by hostile ships. Silent fire into infinity, fear is what we feel. We've been struck, everything fades, we're going to drift in space. The fire fast flares up, there's just one way out. The hatch, then the Sojuz. Another broadside! The hull has been ripped up, sucked into void. The scare in my eyes shows my broken dreams. Burned through the atmosphere, as a falling star, perhaps I'll become a wish for someone.
Shara 05:49
There was a sign in our sky, what I know is that they have come. A weak recall of our home land held back into the deep of my heart. Because what I had is left behind. Led to a new land yet alike. We don't want to lose our souls, may the ancients forgive our choice. Searching around we found milky white men ashamed of their naked skin as they were something to hide. They gave us everything for nothing, every word is hollow when you’ve all a wild beast needs. We took their clothes, their thought, so we were tamed and complacent.. Forest’s cold now and ground humid. We are going to sell our souls, you can take what you want. Bring us ease with all your goods. we are depraved like you all. You can now take our souls. You can now prey our souls.
Lashes 07:33
Every day I feel cast aside, every day is a step away from here. My sight is blurred by lashes. .. forced to choose the end for what I care One more day, flowing through my veins, one more day, as a mercy I receive more pain, but I won't give it up. Every hit won't be as vain as the rain that's falling... ...down... Dragged down for my fairness. Must be a meaning, rescued him. My sacrifice has saved you, son, I've changed your fate. It will be an open door to new life. Believing in this lie, a growing doubt comes to light. It's a red beginning, the mark on souls, a creek of blood will always flow. A creek of blood will always flow.
Biotronic 05:53
Il nostro destino è segnato, obsoleti al nascere scartati in gioventù. Abbandonati dal demiurgo, da colui che tutto può l’eterno respiro ci è negato. Va! Fiamma eterna purifica, diossida e disgrega. Spargi le nostre polveri al vento. Va! Affinché la nostra vendetta abbia corso. Ira veemente emergi con forza. Consumati dall’interno con la scadenza già assegnata. Tutti uguali ammassati in riva a un fiume devastato come noi, condannati al nostro fato depredati e cannibalizzati.
AD 9878 04:01
Ecdysis 09:37
Relations in shambles. Your views on society are rotten like mine. Time just can't come back, what's done is done, you know inside. We walked through a narrow aisle, a restless path, which no one really chose. We built plenty of useless things, they controlled us. We grew strong, billions, flooded everywhere, how could we do otherwise. But this progress brought us far away, we reached new worlds to explore, where to settle down. Just like parasites, leeches who suck life. Just like parasites, leeches who suck, everything. We ripped their souls by deception, it was enough to show our warmth. In the end our greed led us to crystallize more and more betrayed by welfare illusion. We ran fast for centuries, through a ceaseless rush, the ego disappeared. I will fade. At the end of time the path is clear, everything we have done is part of our own being. Relations in shambles. Your views on society are rotten like mine. We, like growing trees. aiming up high. A sky I’ve never seen. We are sprawling seaweed. All around. A sea I’ve never seen. We, grass, shrubs and trees, rooted to ground. An Earth I've never seen. Sketches in my mind an Earth already seen. In our minds designs this Earth has always been.


released April 6, 2018




Built-In Obsolescence Riccione, Italy

Built-in Obsolescence is a journey across the humanity behaviour.

Progress leads to obsolescence: this view becomes flesh in this band.
INSTAR is the band's first LP, released in 2018. It and contains the darkest truths whose the humanity will be doomed.
Distress, discomfort and inertia.

Built-in Obsolescence is now exploring darker and heavier sounds, getting closer to the post-metal scene.
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