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Again 05:02
I'm here again, every word I said was vain, every look behind is pain. Maybe it's time to fade out my voice. But today, these feelings keep me away. .. again I play .. And so, look ahead, it's another chance to make your sound, to push every sorrow to the ground, because your life is here again! Yeah! You alway knew it, it's the strongest way to pull it out. You know you can do it, you did it times and times again. No matter what the people says, you can't refuse to walk your way. Take a breath, you can't forget, every face, every vibe, every shout out loud. So fill your bag with you best regards and turn your gaze to the sun's fall down, but bring with you the wildest dreams. What the fuck are you trying to do? Every fucking piece was a stupid fail You can't write just another word because you've lost all your fucking dreams. You will never reach a nothing, damn, no one never will care about what you say. Everything will fall again. Should I trust this sight, where are your passions gone? you know you need this shit.. Oh, now, you know, what you need is another change! Come on let's do it now. There's so much more more to do, a lot of way, roads to drive, where to fall. So look beyond the wall of mind, elevate yourself get higher Today is just another day, everything seems to be the same, but you know there's no lie, no truth, there is no end to the creative flow. You know Alex can do it, Valle and Bruno can do it, too, I know Giammy will do it, with the power of an odd 'n' a fat sound, Go!! Be brave to break down, smash down and build up again preserve the essential, and burn all this madness away. get moved, don't get stuck, just wake up, reborn again! Wake up, just wake up, so wake up. It's just what you have to do, you've to wake up, just wake up, just wake up Come on, just fucking do it!
Biotronik 06:01
Il nostro destino è segnato, obsoleti al nascere, scartati in gioventù, abbandonati dal demiurgo, da colui che tutto può, l'eterno respiro ci è negato. Va, fiamma eterna, purifica, diossida e disgrega. Spargi le nostre polveri al vento. Va, affinché la nostra vendetta abbia corso, ira veemente emergi con forza. Consumati dall'interno con la scadenza già assegnata, tutti uguali, ammassati in riva al fiume, devastato, come noi. Condannati al nostro fato, depredati e cannibalizzati. ----------------------- Translation: Our fate is sealed obsolete at birth, dropped in youth, abandoned by the demiurge, by the one who can do everything the eternal breath is denied to us. Go, eternal flame, purify, dioxidize and disintegrate. Spread our dust in the wind. Go, so that our revenge has progress, vehement wrath emerge with force. Consumed from the inside with the deadline already allocated, all the same, heaped on the river bank, devastated, just like us. Sentenced to our fate, looted and cannibalized.
Escape 05:40
In this time I'm broken, all the shame is felt to me, all the promises made were blown down by me. All that time is wasted, but I know.. I don't know where I wanna go I just wanna leave it. Years are gone and I am not the same anymore, I am not the same. Need to run away no one more than me find a backdoor to escape. I can't stand here waiting something to happen, just because, at last.. I'm fine.. but take your way 'cause you know it's another one! Fuck it all! Every one! Now! Do you wanna crash against this threshold? Hold your breath, it's a risk but.. can you anyway live your life like this? Like a slave, like an android, like you will never supposed to be alive. You're asleep, don't you know it? Do you still really wanna live your life like this? .. is what they want us to be, they're scared by the chance to loose control, you know, at last you're not so fine .. don't you belive you can break it?! Now it's time to stand in front of you, slow it down, what you see? it is up to you. All that time spent serves as a strenght. What are you scared about? Everything comes down, it's not an escape! You are not running away!! Every time you try to find another way thousands other ways open up to you, it is up to you, you are not running away.. Every time you try to find it throught your truth Will you trust in me? Will you trust in you? Trust in me, everything comes down!
Liar 04:57
liar liar liar fucker ..(fuckup!) you are rotten inside, - but you don't want to show it you suck so much right to me, - you're like nothing to me do you know flies? here you are - their perfect banquet a positive comment to you - is almost unthinkable asshole liar criminal bad and ugly I find it disgusting even - even just look at you rightly in your life you don't - you didn't do a fuck and still more generously your life - hasn't left you anything only complaints come from your throat, you idiot I know, I shouldn't give you any care but knowing you are alive just bother me Sadly, Once you were not so bad but now, what I have to do is forget I know, I shouldn't give you any care but knowing you are alive just bother me Sadly, Once you were not so fucked but now, what I have to do is to fuckin' killing you.. Muddaffukka!! idiot evil stupid ignorant I find it disgusting - even - just look at you rightly in your life you don't - you didn't do a fuck and still more generously your life - hasn't left you anything only complaints come from your throat, you idiot I could save you, but I won't I could save you, but I won't I could save you, but I won't I should fuck you but I'll fucking won't


released April 22, 2014

Abel was recorded, mixed and mastered by Alex Kominsky and Alfredo "Epi" Gentili to Go Down Studio Savignano the Rubicon (Fc). "Attention!" Nothing would have happened without the crucial support of Matteo "the Squire" Gori and Max's Go Down Records.
Graphics by Daisy Ingrosso and Paolo Sanchi.

The songs are composed and played by Built-In Obsolescence.
The disc is completely self-produced.
We thank our families, girlfriends, friends, bananas throwers and all those who support us. The locals in which we played, the groups with whom we have shared the stage and who allows independent bands to perform. The guys at Go Down Studio. The human race, perhaps.

The Built-In Obsolescence are:
Bruno Galli - drums
Valerio Biagini - bass
Gianmarco Ciotti - guitar
Semprini Alex - guitar / vocals
Paolo Sanchi - vocals


Abel è stato registrato, mixato e masterizzato da Alex Kominsky e Alfredo "Epi" Gentili al Go Down Studio di Savignano sul Rubicone (Fc). "Attenzione!" Niente sarebbe potuto accadere senza il fondamentale supporto di Matteo "il Garzone" Gori e di Max della Go Down Records.
Grafica realizzata da Daisy Ingrosso e Paolo Sanchi.

I brani sono composti ed eseguiti dai Built-In Obsolescence.
Il disco è completamente autoprodotto.

Ringraziamo le nostre famiglie, fidanzate, amici, i lanciatori di banane e tutti coloro che ci supportano. I locali in cui abbiamo suonato, i gruppi con i quali abbiamo condiviso il palco e chi permette alle band indipendenti di esibirsi. I ragazzi del Go Down Studio. Il genere umano, forse.

I Built-In Obsolescence sono:
Bruno Galli - batteria
Valerio Biagini - basso
Gianmarco Ciotti - chitarra
Alex Semprini - chitarra / voce
Paolo Sanchi - voce




Built-In Obsolescence Riccione, Italy

Built-in Obsolescence is a journey across the humanity behaviour.

Progress leads to obsolescence: this view becomes flesh in this band.
INSTAR is the band's first LP, released in 2018. It and contains the darkest truths whose the humanity will be doomed.
Distress, discomfort and inertia.

Built-in Obsolescence is now exploring darker and heavier sounds, getting closer to the post-metal scene.
... more

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